It's time for a hoe down. Grab that rake and hoe and start a jig, it;s time for some good old fashioned proper puns to get you hemming and hawing all day long.

We All Have One

Funny meme about jesus' hoe phase.
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Female Dogs...

innuendo hoe literalism homophone double meaning - 6955812096
Created by Mistform

Them's Gardenin' Words

gardening hoe Memes nicki minaj - 5912297216
Created by Ploopy11

And She Won an Education Award....

grammar Grammys hoe Memes nicki minaj - 5899985152
Created by Jen

Sage Advice From 3OH!3

double meaning gifs hip hop hoe literalism lyric - 5850205440
Created by Unknown


comic double meaning Hall of Fame hoe literalism lyric song superman - 5568461312
Created by Unknown

Hay! Hoe! Let's Go!

hay hoe literalism lyrics the ramones - 4676592128
Created by jessicacorey

What What WHAT?

hoe peanuts Rage Comics raisins-super-fuuuu Tiger Woods - 4576874240
Created by Unknown

Hood Dad: Slap That Hoe

garden hoe hood dad - 4358521344
See all captions Created by Unknown