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Tolkien Tuesday #53: 30+ Dank & Dumb 'Lord of the Rings' Memes

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Tolkien Tuesday, funny lord of the rings memes, dank memes | How do say yes pirate? Aye, aye could do that Legolas and Gimli | Gondor Westfold is falling 11:20 Bookmarked here unread messages G Damn 's crazy Good luck tho 11:23

Tolkien Tuesday #23: 25 Incredibly Dumb Lord of the Rings Memes

Remember, dumb doesn't mean bad.
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Funny and spicy memes that are a little bit  offensive | Richer Single mom @MogulWomanOllie love mini apples Did know there's small village South Africa where they grow? Now know! NAJA TWITTER SAVAGES S BadmanSophss God cleanse my mind and renew right spirit within | Thanos snaps* Public pools: person swimming in mud

Mildly Spicy Memes For Mildly Twisted People

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Funny memes, Tolkien memes, lord of the rings memes, jrr tolkien, dank memes, hobbits, gandalf.

Forty-Three Tolkien-Related Memes For The Ultra Nerds

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