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Overly Particular Posts That Are Doing A Bad Job Of Hiding Things

Up to a point, we can be anybody we want to be on social media . Sure, we might have the ever present threat of doxxing looming over our heads, but with enough canny characterization you can still live out your wildest alternative life. However, this is not the choice of most people, who instead decide to be themselves up to a fault. While they might distance themselves with certain things, they can’t help spilling the beans on minute details of their life — even when they probably shouldn’t. T…
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Priceless Thread Ponders Whether Jim Davis Has Been Exposed To The Horrors Of Garfield Fan Art

Protect him
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People Are Horrified At This Aesthetic Account’s Idea Of A Perfect Date

Diarrhea central
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15+ Morons Who Have No Idea How Women Work

Because girls have cooties.
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Sartorially Challenged Style Failures That Deserve A Visit From The Fashion Police

Considering that its main purpose is to stop other people from seeing us naked, people can get way too worked up about clothes . It’s fair enough to care about fashion, but we can’t pretend that the fabric we drape over our bodies is anything more than something to protect our soft, fragile, hairless flab from the unforgiving elements. That said, there are some items of clothing that those with any kind of stance on style can only recoil from. It’s far too easy for fashion to go too far, and th…
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Puzzling Images That Raise More Questions Than Answers

What is going on here?
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Cursed Computer Setups To Enrage Your Inner Gamer

In this day and age, many people have a life that revolves almost entirely around their computer . It’s what they work from and where they go for their leisure time, so it’s important to have a setup that’s comfortable and works for you. While you might think that this is a simple and logical point to make, unfortunately not everybody got the memo. There are some absolutely deranged PC arrangements out there, and @CursedSetups is on a mission to document as many of them as possible. No doubt ab…
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Alarming Images That Are The Very Definition Of Chaotic

Ever feel like life gets a little bland sometimes? We are creatures of routine, and many of us are constantly doing and seeing the same things day in, day out. It’s important to sometimes take yourself out of your comfort zone, and thankfully we have the internet at our disposal to help us do just that. These pictures may be unsettling and maybe even something you could do without seeing, but by god, they do that job admirably.
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This Makes... Too Much Sense

funny meme about battery size names
Via TheMemeAesthetic

Yo Dawg! I Heard You Like...

yo dawg Babies hmm - 6687719680
By ImTheGoddamnBatman


hmm the most interesting man in the world Zoidberg - 6567557376
By charlieco

A Taste as Cold as the Rockies!

hmm troll face - 6380291072
By Vorgoro

Philosoraptor: Must Not Be a Good Ninja

hmm invisible Japan ninja philosoraptor sight - 4990540800
See all captions By Unknown

Philosoraptor: He's the One Who Started It

hmm Music philosoraptor rick astley rickroll - 4966860800
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Yo Dawg in a Yo Dawg

cant tell fry hmm Inception squint yo dawg - 4870917376
Via Final Ellipsis