Firmly Planted On The Face

boxing hit funny face - 8510282752
Created by ToolBee

Why Are You Hitting Yourself?

ouch gifs hit Star Trek William Shatner - 8411730176
Created by tamaleknight

Books Let the Imagination Run Free... And Sometimes That's a Weird Thing.

face misinterpretation literalism hit sun morbid description - 7113852416
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Man Gets Hit By Train

gifs false expectations Twist Ending literalism hit train - 7022656256
Created by Unknown

Señor Gif: Superboy Can't Handle Anything

FAIL gifs hit kids ouch superman - 6530255616
Created by Unknown

I Feel Like This Pun Really Cymbalizes the Nature of Suffering for Art

drum Hall of Fame hit injury similar sounding - 6456291072
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Hitching a Ride

cars FAIL gifs hit ride - 6394396672
Created by Unknown

Run, 'Finnegan's Wake,' Run!

books double meaning hit idiom literalism lolwut Twist Ending - 6360482304
Created by xyzpdq1

What a Knock Out

FAIL gifs hit ouch puns trip - 6231597824
Created by sebenty


chris brown double meaning friends Hall of Fame hit literalism name rimshot - 5981063936
Via Pleated Jeans

Come at Me, Jesus

best of week come at me face hit jesus - 5799424512
Created by Unknown

Just Be Ready With a Riposte and You'll Be Fine

again double meaning foil foiled hit literalism - 5481213696
Created by Kraken42

Socially Awkward Penguin: Oh, Nuts

arm crotch hit socially awkward penguin walking - 5177614336
Created by tessalynjubella

Ouch My Face

baseball FAIL gifs hit ouch - 5148940032
Created by Unknown


double meaning Hall of Fame hit idiom literalism road - 5134527744
Created by Unknown

Anti-Brother iPad App

best of week FAIL hit ipad kids ouch - 5107531008
Created by Unknown
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