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15 History Memes That'll Give You That Sweet, Sweet Knowledge

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Can You Just Stop

Painting of two old women talking and one looking very annoyed under the caption, "When someone you just met starts telling you mad personal stuff"
Via princessorlonger
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16 History Memes To Satisfy Your Intellectual Side

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17 Totally Fake History Memes That Are WAY Better Than Your History Class

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Sneaking a Friend into the Buffet

buffet historical memes image - 8797522432
By Blt542

On the Contrary, Mr Berry

strawberries historical memes - 8763100160
By Unknown

So Rude!

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By Unknown

This is My Moment

historical memes thriller - 8761119232
By Unknown

Dude Let Me In, I'm the Savior

god historical memes - 8757805824
By Unknown
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