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Gamer's Misogynist Take Gets Roasted Through Memes

This week in Gamer Moments: Sexism strikes again.

Most fans were stoked after Sony revealed gameplay of Horizon Forbidden West, which teased stunning graphics, epic music and the game's protagonist, Aloy looking badass. On the other hand, some gamers weren't so impressed with subtle changes to Aloy's facial features, going so far as to complain about Sony supposedly making their female characters look 'masculine as hell.' Yikes.

@apexalphaj's unfortunate take has since been deleted, but that hasn't stopped Twitter from taking the opportunity to make fun of yet another sexist and antiquated gamer sentiment. The tweet inspired a hilarious meme format that aptly points out the absurdity of imposing arbitrary beauty standards on fictional characters. Is it just me or do they be making Squidward look ugly as hell? All those rough non-handsome features...unlike the average squid.

Keep scrolling for some of the funniest 'hire fans lol' memes that were born from one cringey gamer's bad take.

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