27 Memes That'll Squash Your Apathy

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Doggo Cannot Contain His Excitement

Guy asks his dog if he wants to go for a walk
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Kris Crossed The Line There

Bill tweets that he's excited for season 3, then Kris asks what show he's talking about and Bill tells her to mind her own business
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Tomi Lahren Got A Drink Thrown At Her And The People Are Laughing Hysterically

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He Had One Job

UPS driver left a package underneath someone's door, locking the people inside
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18 Insane Bible Verses That Are Totally F*cked Up

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22 Funny Memes And Tweets That'll Put Some Pep In Your Step

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The defendant tells the judge he changed his name to "Not Guilty"

Dude Messed Up

Headline that reads, "Man Calls Girlfriends 'Yanny' During Sex, Swears He Said 'Laurel'"
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22 Dismal Memes To Get You Hyped On The Darker Side Of Life

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Satan Ruined Everything

Meme about how God did a lot of bad things in the Bible and blamed Satan for being bad instead
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20 Dad Jokes That'll Get Your Eyes Rolling

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Says Everything You Need To Know About Me

"I'm 'If we haven't left before 10pm, I'm not going" years old
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14 Gymnasts Share Their Biggest WTF Fails

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Nailed It.

Dad recreating funny photos from his daughter's Tinder profile
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18 Memes And Pics That Perfectly Sum Up How Dumb Veganism Is

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