Funny video of a police officer pulling over a guy who lands his airplane on a highway near Seattle, WA

Plane Makes Emergency Landing On A Highway In This Odd Dash-Cam Video

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Pic of a sign on the freeway that reads, "New year, new you, use your blinker"
Via Chingchilla
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Highway of The Future

mindwarp gifs highway cars - 8528992256
Created by anselmbe

Trolling the Son

highway troll dad parenting accidents - 7746237696
Created by Unknown

False Advertising

highway driving speed limit - 7127977472
Created by BathroomKing23

My My, SOMEONE'S in a Hurry!

highway driving speeding speed limit - 7086168576
Created by Unknown

Carpool Lane

forever alone highway driving - 6602333696
Created by Unknown

Tractor Trailers

highway driving - 6943071232
Created by Unknown

I've Made My Peace...

this is how i die highway driving - 6926172160
Created by Unknown

Señor Gif: Russian Highway Police

driving gifs highway jet mindwarp russian - 6558265088
Created by TSGIGOR

They See Me Trottin' They Hatin'

camel cars commute gifs highway mindwarp wtf - 6461712896
Created by _C_A_T_

Also for Bunnies

cop driving highway Pie Chart slow down speeding - 5024817408
Created by Unknown

Oh God, Dexter Moved to My Town

highway Rage Comics - 4914034944
Created by Unknown


coffee drink driving highway Pie Chart - 2616746752
Created by Unknown


behind driving fast front highway speeding - 2606222080
Created by NeelT
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