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23 Memes For Everyone Who Peaked in High School Currently Missing Their Glory Days

You'll laugh at these memes if you peaked in high school.
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teacher gets hilariously meme'd by his students at his wedding

High School Students Crash Teacher's Wedding and Turn His Wedding Photos Into Hilarious Memes

As if teachers don't have it hard enough already...
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Funny dank memes about being in high school, students | squidward talking to a kid fish Sophomores who were freshmen literally 3 months ago Incoming freshmen have no skills and loser! blurry motion pic of cat: jumping out bed at 3 am cause forgot had an essay

Seventeen High School Memes For The Jaded Students

Scroll through these memes and then get back to your homework.
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memes about ap literature, funny memes, high school memes

AP Lit Memes For The Driven & Miserable Overachievers

Is the pain worth the credits?
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funny high school memes

16 Humorous Memes That'll Accurately Sum Up Your High School Experience

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Woulda Never Guessed!

"Me accidentally listening to the one song in the album I always skip and realizing it's actually fire"
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Funyn meme about school.
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Seriously, Go Away PPL!!

Photo of a crowd of people running in the same direction
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