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Cute & Funny Pics of Pets Playing Hide and Seek (Badly)

Pets are little bundles of endless entertainment. Twitter user @DustinGrowick recently shared an adorable picture of his cat disguised as a paper towel roll, and the post has inspired hundreds of people to reply with funny images of their own fuzzy masters of disguise. Keep scrolling to see our favorite highlights from the wholesome thread.
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FAIL kids funny kids hide and seek Memes funny children - 5426437

10+ Times Kids Were Hilariously Terrible At Hide And Seek

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He's a Space Prodigy

web comics hide and seek He's a Space Prodigy
Via heckifiknowcomics

A cat's purrspective.

herp derp hide and seek Cats - 8584609536
Created by TheRageCat

Always at the worst possible times

hide and seek peeing - 8566900736

Seeking the Lord

Via Tubey Toons

Maybe the Horse Is Counting

hide and seek doing it wrong funny - 8461406720

Hide and Seek is Hard Up North

games hide and seek web comics - 8382965504
Created by LennartJH ( Via Dry Ice Comic )

Those Sneaky Penguins

hide and seek sneaky penguin funny - 8375270400

Hide and Seek

rage hide and seek bathroom - 8243950080

Hide and...Have-to-Pee

hide and seek kids pee playing - 8234066176
Created by troeterich

Sometimes You Actually Want to Lose

hide and seek Okay little brothers - 6533611520

I Found Santa's Stash

christmas kids hide and seek santa claus parents - 7948607744
Created by death_by_rage

Sister Tricks

hide and seek mother of god Okay sisters tricks - 7903603712

Well I Thought It Was a Good Idea...

so close hide and seek schlick - 7327180544

Let's Play a Game of Hide and Seek

hide and seek animals giraffes cows - 7586690816
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