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Redditors Reflect On ‘Heroic’ Characters Who Deserve A Fall From Grace

We can spout as much utopian baloney as we like, but the world would be a much duller place without injecting a tiny bit of hatred into it every now and then. It's only natural that in life we come across people and characters that we find to be dislikeable , and there's nothing more frustrating than when that individual seems to be inexplicably popular. Worse still is when they're considered to be somebody to look up to, and there's barely anyone who'll listen to you complain about them. This …
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Michael Myers Makes One Kid’s Slasher Dreams Come True In Adorable Video

An unconventional role model to say the least.
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I'm No Hero

Funny meme that reads, "Me when I fix the family Wifi by turning it on and off" above a still of C3PO in Star Wars surrounded by Ewoks saying, "I do believe they think I am some kind of god"
Via longboii420

The Hero We Needed

Caption that reads, "This lil a**hole wouldn't move his legs for three adults, so this guy comes and just SITS on his legs" above a pic of a little kid playing video games while taking up three seats; then a guy comes and sits on top of his legs and people around him look shocked
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customer service hero funny win - 1183749

Dude Instantly Becomes New Black Friday Hero After His Hilarious Exchange With Tesco

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Adult Human, He's Our Hero

web comics adulting Adult Human, He's Our Hero
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You'll Only Be a Disappointment

web comics hero You'll Only Be a Disappointment
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Now's a Great Time to Become a Super Villain, Though!

web comics super powers
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I Must Shave You!

mustache hero web comics I Must Shave You!
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hero school Video homecoming - 74587393

These Heroes are Ready to Ask Two Girls to Homecoming in This Awesomely Cheesy, Cringeworthy Video

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Pizza Rat is an American Hero

hero rats pizza gifs critters - 8567363584
Created by Unknown
hero fire bbq Video win - 73952769

Real American Hero Saves Family and the BBQ Ribs from an Apartment Fire

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I Can Be Your Hero Baby, I Can Kiss Away Your Hunger

funny memes pizza hero
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hero wtf bad name superhero - 6720716288
Created by xyzpdq1

Is Your House Heroically Clean?

hero cleaning wtf funny - 7732929536
Created by Unknown

Some People Don't Need Limbs to Fish

hero fishing mindwarp gifs fish - 8372244224
Created by Unknown
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