Nickelodeon Was Always V Clever

Scene from, Victorious where Andre's grandma asks why there's a helicopter in the kitchen, and he replies that it's just a ceiling fan; Tumblr user comments, "Seriously what the actual f*ck was Andre's grandma on"
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Helicopter Parents Approaching The Landing Pad!

Caption that reads, "When your son accidentally ingests gluten in school and you have to go pick him up" above a stock photo of two people driving in a car while wearing clothes made out of bubble wrap
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Funny web comic and gif explanation featuring a marriage between a helicopter and a human, to explain gif of guy twirling office chair between his legs.

Behind The Gifs: The Murdercopter Household

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At Least You Have Lunch Now

web comics parenting helicopter At Least You Have Lunch Now
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Misgendering in 2k16

gender helicopter funny web comics - 8801695744

Hold on Babe, I Just Gotta Circle, Circle, L1, Circle, Circle, Circle, L1, L2, R1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle

helicopter Grand Theft Auto prom cheats - 8748100608
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At Least Pigs Still Can't Fly

chicken web comics At Least Pigs Still Can't Fly
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It's Very Energy Efficient

chun li web comics It's Very Energy Efficient
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The Army's Newest Tactic For Stealthily Getting Helicopters Around

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helicopter glitches Grand Theft Auto - 67276289

Well, There's Your Problem

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Would Have Made This Movie Much Quicker

Movie helicopter funny labyrinth - 8382254080
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How Does This Helicopter Fly?

mindwarp gifs helicopter - 8350953728
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Meanwhile in Australia

australia gifs helicopter - 8226789120
helicopter BAMF Video g rated win - 61532417

Only the Insane Would Think to Trim Trees With a Helicopter

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For a Second It Looks Like This Helicopter is Giggling

explosions gifs helicopter - 8212079104
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Cat vs Helicopter

cat helicopter funny animals - 8051061760
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