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30 Music Memes That Didn't Start the Fire

It was always burning
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20+ Memes for Metalheads, Indie Rockers, and Goth Girls

For all lovers of eyeliner
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goth band goes viral for sounding like Bob Belcher from 'Bob's Burgers'

‘Bob-Core’: Goth Rock Band Is Making Waves on the Internet for Sounding Like a Heavy Metal Bob Belcher From ‘Bob’s Burgers'

The band is called Dead On A Sunday and they're fully embracing their unintentionally invention of “Bob-Core” music.
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Funny memes about metal music | play death metal listen everything" friends | "omg, Billie Eilish put spider her mouth, she must be insane" Ozzy Osborne: Pathetic.

Metal Memes For The Satanically Inclined

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HEAVY METAL MEMES AND TWEETS | Amazing. Due lack pollution covid-19 lockdowns, wild Black Metal bands have returned Scandinavia's forests first time since 90s. Beautiful. | This lamb born with corpse paint looks like he's about drop sickest black metal album decade.

Massive Dump Of Metal Memes For The Rockers

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Funny memes about people who listen to metal music | will smith fresh prince watch news report about "Satanic music" and see all favorite bands | batman the dark knight bane against pink guy Big dude pit My drunk ass

Thirty-Eight Metal Memes For Fans Of The Double Bass

Brutal as f*ck.
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25 Pretentious Metalhead Memes For The Satanically Inclined

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I've Fooled Them All!!

Pic of a husky surrounded by black metal fans with a caption that reads, "Day 28: they still don't know I'm a dog"
Via psuedon
metal thundercats Video heavy metal - 68874497

ThunderCats' Famous Opening Theme Made Metal!

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christmas heavy metal - 67007233

Anti-Christmas Carol of the Day: Christopher Lee Releases New Heavy Metal Holiday Song

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Once More Unto the Breach

Music heavy metal working out - 6976668672
Created by perry_matthew

This Music Is Biblical

Bar Graph bible heavy metal Music religion - 6531309568
Created by eatfresh4evr

Re-Raged: Every Month, Like Clockwork

fu gal heavy metal poker face Rage Comics - 6428337152
Created by MEXICO_MAN

Rage Comics: Here's Hoping Your First Name Doesn't Start With an A

heavy metal Rage Comics - 6288646400
Created by Branden798

Origins II

heavy metal Nyan Cat origins tac nayn time - 4875095552
Created by Rocktopus


heavy metal Rage Comics viking - 4748037120
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