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Absolute Worst

Funny meme about not being able to find bitcoins in your pocket.
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She Can't Handle the News

eaten grandma heart attack - 8444975360
By Unknown

Whoa, She's...Oh...Nevermind

funny girlfriend heart attack wtf - 8396499712
By Unknown

Your Mind's Dreams Are Your Heart's Nightmares

bacon cone food funny heart attack murica - 7984462592
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Troll Bumper Stickers

cars heart attack bumper stickers traffic - 7777305856
By Unknown

Go Germany!

wtf Germany heart attack america burgers funny - 7633420032


Canada delicious fries heart attack poutine Pure Awesome - 5399793920
By Unknown

When You Stair into the Abyss

heart attack Memes mini stairs - 6150441472
By dat413killa

Yo Dawg, I Think You Took It Too Literally...

burgers heart attack yo dawg - 5844858368
By cuteandfluffy

I Have the Weirdest Chest Pains Right Now

heart attack IRL news the r word - 5587010816
By Unknown

Foul Bachelor Frog: Better Safe Mode Than Sorry

911 foul bachelor frog heart attack history internet safe search - 5231438592
By Biggmac4444


graph heart attack hilarious - 5027327232
By aj13696

Tongue Cancer? WHY?!

google heart attack Pie Chart pregnant STD web md - 4954320128
By Unknown

Foul Bachelor Frog: Browsing History

911 browser foul bachelor frog heart attack history surfing - 4429580544
By Appl


america good idea heart attack yes - 4400116736
See all captions By Ijkabob

Paraniod Parrot: Pain In Left Arm

heart attack Paranoid Parrot - 4320327424
See all captions By duescruentus
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