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30 'Don't worry, the x-ray is safe' Memes for Skeptical Patients Watching Their Doctor Flee the Scene After Launching the X-ray Machine

"X-rays won't harm you"
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Spicy and Relatable Memes For Tired Healthcare Workers

That whole bang on pots and pans thing from early in the pandemic is long gone. It kind of feels like people just became complacent, both regarding the highly contagious and deadly disease that's plaguing the globe, and the people who care for them. The truth of the matter is that people who work in healthcare - doctors, nurses, EMS professionals - have always been overworked. Those long shifts caring for ailing people have never been easy. And over the last few years, they've definitely gotten…
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31 Dank Medical Memes For MD Students & Health Professionals

What's up doc?
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Memes for healthcare works, nurses, medical memes | shirtless Brad Pitt in Fight Club vs people in hazmat suits Nurses if mention Corona Virus Nurses if mention bed bugs | Robert Downey Jr. looking relieved Nurses hearing visitor restrictions will stay effect until further notice @pedsnursememes

Healthcare Memes For Exhausted And Essential Medical Workers

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Funny memes about people who work in the healthcare profession | looking at all cool CRRT and ECMO machines take my patient up ICU @codebluememes RATES 25t k Fresh Prince of Bel Air | COVID swab literally every @codebluememes patient

Thirty Healthcare Memes As Our Gift To The Heroes

Healthcare workers, we see you.
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