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Patient Berates Nurse for 'Unprofessional Wigs', Gets Schooled on Why She Wears Them

Style with purpose
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Nurse Memes For Exhausted Professionals

Nursing is not for sissies
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People share stories about being denied PTO by bad bosses

Infuriating Times Bosses Denied PTO Requests

Getting time off from work can be incredibly difficult here in the United States. Especially if you're not working an office job. In restaurants, it was always hell trying to find someone to cover a shift even with a week's notice, and if I was planning for a vacation, my boss would try to negotiate with me. “Why don't you take the week after, it will be less busy?” It's truly astounding - and despicable - how employers think they can dictate these aspects of ones life. Now that I am in the eve…
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People on Twitter Discuss Scams That Society Accepts

People Discuss Scams That Society Accepts

Why are are these okay?
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Video exploring if health insurance companies were honest

If Healthcare Was Honest | Honest Ads

Anyone who lives in the United States is well aware that health insurance feels like a huge scam. But what if hospitals and health insurance companies like UnitedHealth Group, Anthem, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and others were actually honest about how horrifically terrible they are? Roger Horton investigates.
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A compilation of memes about nurses, nursing, and working in healthcare

Nurse Memes To Help You Gear Up For The Holidays

Why do so many people get sick during the holiday season ? Nobody likes being sick during the holidays, especially in a hospital. Nobody likes working overtime during the holidays either, unable to see their families when they should be together most. Unfortunately, there ain't no rest for the weary, so nurses and healthcare professionals everywhere spend so much of their December working till all hours of the night. It's so cruel that there's an increase in hospitalizations and illnesses durin…
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People Share the Funniest Things Said by Patients and Doctors During Anesthesia

A confusing time
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A compilation of funny memes about nurses, nursing, hospitals, and night shifts

Nurse Memes For Perpetually Exhausted Nurses

Being a nurse is not for the weak of heart. There's nothing more difficult than dealing with the public, especially if the public is feeling sick and angry. It's even worse when they're taking out their frustration on you, an innocent party who has not caused their present suffering. It gets to another level when you're simultaneously trying to deal with a distressed person's emotional needs while administering treatment for them. That's not to mention that you have tens of unique patients that…
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A compilation of memes about nursing for nurses

Hilarious Nursing Memes For Nurses By Nurses

Nurses are one of the most undervalued professions. Any position that got an outpour of support for a couple of months in 2020 and then quickly got thrown under the bus deserves our utmost respect. Sure, nurses got claps on the streets of New York during the height of the pandemic, but they deal with so much daily they deserve claps yesterday, today, and for the foreseeable future. If there's one thing that nurses have, it's a sense of humor about all of the absurd situations thrown their way d…
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Humorous Healthcare Worker Memes That Know The Struggle

We see you
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Funny memes about working in hospital, nurses, nursing memes, humor, healthcare workers

Spicy and Relatable Memes For Tired Healthcare Workers

That whole bang on pots and pans thing from early in the pandemic is long gone. It kind of feels like people just became complacent, both regarding the highly contagious and deadly disease that's plaguing the globe, and the people who care for them. The truth of the matter is that people who work in healthcare - doctors, nurses, EMS professionals - have always been overworked. Those long shifts caring for ailing people have never been easy. And over the last few years, they've definitely gotten…
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Stories about people being charged double for an extra fetus, twins, pregnancy, insurance companies

Sobering Thread Reveals How Insurance Companies Punish Parents Who Are Expecting Twins

We all know that the healthcare system in the United States needs a lot of work. There are so many people without coverage, and the people who do have it are constantly getting screwed over by their providers. Hidden fees, expensive and unnecessary testing, and high deductibles plague people who just want to have a decent quality of life and heal that which ails them. This week, Twitter user @mrs_g_rider tweeted out a disturbing revelation about how her insurance company bills her for ultrasoun…
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Funny memes about healtchare workers, relatable

Spicy & Relatable Memes For Healthcare Workers

It's been a pretty rough couple of years for people who work in healthcare . And even that is an understatement. Thousands of people are still dying from Covid-19 every day, and we don't hear anyone cheering for healthcare workers at 7pm. Gone is the banging on pots and pans. Gone are the discounts for much-needed lunches. It's as though people have forgotten the heroes who help people who need it every day - and not just during a pandemic. Before and after our current crisis, we know that tire…
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Depressing tweets, dystopian tweets, capitalism, late-stage capitalism, healthcare, insurance | West Virginia charges prisoners 3 cents minute read e-books free library, despite earning less than $1 an hour West Virginia charges prisoners 3 cents minute read e-books free library | This woman who attacked by bear California and had her face ripped off did reddit AMA and she said worst part about experience dealing with her health insurance provider after fact

Dystopian Tweets For People Who Want To Be Depressed

This is the world we live in.
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Hapless Husband Gets Dressed Down For Watching Wife Shovel Snow After 12 Hour Shift

Seriously dude?
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Funny memes about healthcare system

Funny & Frustrated Memes Healthcare Workers Will Relate To

We are not worthy
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