Twitter thread from @CArolineMoss of free therapy, the best things people learned in therapy, anxiety, depression | tweet by CarolineMoss If go therapy quote tweet this with best thing learned at therapy way everyone else can get free therapy. mrskimyadawson Replying CarolineMoss Anxiety causes put things off lot and group therapy worked on 15 minute rule If something feels impossibly overwhelming set timer work on 15 minutes and takes away about swan dive into bottomless hole feeling.

'Free Therapy' Twitter Thread Is Chock Full Of Wisdom

"If you go to therapy quote tweet this with the best thing you learned at therapy that way everyone else can get free therapy."
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Funny Overwatch memes.

20 Tasty Treats For The Overwatch Players

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Stop Doing That You Bastard!

healing RPG - 7777277952
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I'm the Goddamn Wolverine!

healing wolverine - 7722868224
By mwayland_87

Now If I Just Had Those Claws

cut dinner fu guy healing kitchen Rage Comics raisin face wolverine wound - 4997945088
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