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Cringey Millennial Dances With Her Pancakes, People Debate Whether The Girl Glaring at Her is a Hater

There's something to be said about living joyfully in public. I try to be as kind and happy to strangers as possible, both because it's in my nature and it makes people's day. I love to smile at strangers, even though 90% of the time, they look back at me like I'm crazy, but that's just New York City, baby. Smile at strangers in any midwestern city, and you'll get many smiles back. Like everything, relentless positivity can be taken too far. It can become a turn-off when it veers into the realm…
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Fans Defend Actor Jesse Plemons From Twitter Hater

I remember the first time I watched Jesse Plemons on a screen. The red-headed Texan was aptly starring in the television adaptation of Friday Night Lights, which remains one of my favorite series of all time. There's just something about melodramatic sports media that resonates with me deeply. While the character he portrayed, Landry Clark, wasn't even close to being a stud like Tim Riggins or Coach Eric Taylor (sue me), his acting was brilliant. Thanks to his very obvious skill, Jesse Plemons…
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A compilation of images from haters and savage people.

Savage Moments From Professional Haters

Everybody's got something they're good at. While some find their passions early with childhood artistic or athletic endeavors, others have talents that aren't fully appreciated until later in life. I'm talking, of course, about being a hater. School bullying is a crude and amateur form of the art and science of hating. Haters can take on many career paths: stand-up comedians, hedge fund managers, Presidents, and social media managers. There is no arena where haters thrive more than social media…
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Funny & Spicy Times People Chugged the Haterade

They woke up and chose violence.
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Millennials: The Generation Killing Stuff Since 1980

A whole bunch of headlines blaming Millennials for killing various industries
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Canada haters gonna hate politics - 82667009

Canada’s Justin Trudeau Responds To Internet Haters

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Stick It to the Man

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Stick It to the Man

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Heaters Gonna Heat

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The Best Response to Critics of The New Star Wars Trailer

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Disregard Thy Haters!

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When Someone Says Bayonetta 2 is Too Sexualized

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Fite Me IRL Scrub

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A Message to All the Scrubs Out There

haters gonna hate - 8299824896

Stick It to the Man

haters gonna hate - 8291431680
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