Hard to swallow pill memes about difficult truths, adulthood, responsibility, depression, anxiety | Some problems are own fault, and won't get better until actively do something about | dog will die one day and have bear pain

40 'Hard To Swallow Pill' Memes That Spit Truth

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A Harsh Truth

Caption that reads, "When I say 'I'll let you know'" above a pic of a guy next to a Powerpoint presentation slide that reads, "In conclusion, I ain't coming"
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Tweet that reads, "A pet rock is a fun pet until you realize that it's essentially immortal and you've damned it to an eternity of watching its loved ones die"
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sad comics that show the state of our world

18 Comics That Are A Harsh Commentary About Our World

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Funny roasts from r/roastme on reddit.

26 Gluttons For Punishment That Got Roasted To A Crisp

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The Fountain of Truth's a Whole Nother Ballgame

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Who Said You Can't Make Real Music on a Computer?

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facebook Video harsh - 58257153

If Facebook Lookback Were Honest, It Would Look More Like This

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