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Thirty-Eight Metal Memes For Fans Of The Double Bass

Brutal as f*ck.
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The Incredible Hulk Is A Man Of Culture Now

Funny meme about the hulk. He used to listen to hardcore music but now listens to podcasts, old hulk, new hulk, twitter.
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15 Metal Memes That Are Far Too Brutal For This Mortal World

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Do You Even Lift Bro

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Sign Language Interpreter At A Metal Show

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We're Still All About Tolerance

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Created by MC_Hammer_Pants

We're Still All About Tolerance



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Created by thurgood ( Via High Green Dawn )

Steam Tags Strike Again

steam tags hardcore - 8188795904
Created by Unknown

Still, That's a Lot of Games

hardcore wtf video games funny - 7854606592
Created by Unknown

Playing Chess Like a Boss

hardcore chess funny - 7504024832
Created by buzmurdock

Stop Making Those Faces

hardcore funny faces - 7494547456
Created by Unknown

Rebel Cat

hardcore laser Cats - 6773257984
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Hardcore Hog

hardcore hedgehog cute pets - 6659230464
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Just Don't Get All Preachy About It

hardcore christianity reaction guys christian bale religion - 6659625984
Created by Unknown
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