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4 Year Old's Obsession with Angler Fish Goes Viral after Her Kindhearted Mother Asks Internet for Help to Make Her an Angler Fish Themed Birthday Party

4 Year Old's Obsession with Angler Fish Goes Viral after Her Kindhearted Mother Asks Internet for Help to Make Her an Angler Fish Themed Birthday Party

This wholesome story about a 4-year-old and her obsession with Angler Fish turned into an internet frenzy.
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Parents forget their daughter's 33rd birthday, get angry when her boyfriend wishes her 'Happy Birthday' online: 'Not saying anything and then posting about it was passive aggressive'

You snooze, you lose
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'Are you gonna have fun on your little bouncy castle?': Adults debate whether or not taking your birthday off work is an 'ick'

But it's my birthday...
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HR Department Sends Former Employee Birthday Card 3 Weeks After He Got Fired

So careless
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25 Bustling Birthday Memes to Celebrate Any Day of the Year

Your birthday. That special day of the year when to celebrate your existence, receive special treatment and discover just how many people care enough to wish you a happy birthday. I'm not a huge birthday person myself. I'm not the kind of person who likes a lot of attention, especially when that attention is unearned. I'm glad I was born, but every other person was also born at some point, so why celebrate it as if it's this incredible thing? That being said, it is nice to spend a day with thos…
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The Funniest Tweets Celebrating Grimace's Birthday Meal

Everyone's favorite McDonalds monster is 52-years-old
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Partygoers Left Gobsmacked By Woman’s Dramatic Birthday Entrance

Material girl
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Man Ruins Dad’s Surprise Party, Gets Caught On Camera

Birthday drama.
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Wasn't Clear Before

Funny tweet that reads, "Thanks for the clarification, Dad" above a photo of a girl next to a sea lion, where her dad says happy birthday and points out which one is her
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Pls, We Need To Know

"Does anyone actually know what to do when people are singing happy birthday to you?"
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Happy Belated, Mr. Potter

Still from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows where Harry says to Dumbledore, "A part of him lives within me, doesn't it?" under the caption, "When you pull up and yell 'Kobe' and the shot actually goes in"
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bad cake decorations

17 Very Poorly Decorated Cakes That Are The Definition Of Cringe

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Happy Birthday To Tu Youyou

Funny meme about singing happy birthday to chinese scientist tu youyou.
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Taken a Bit Too Literally

happy birthday meme about writing just happy birthday on a cake
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Foreboding Frosting

birthday cake happy birthday - 8220488448

My Friends Know How to Throw a Killer Birthday Party

person wearing a party hat laying on the floor in a empty room under a sign that says it is your birthday
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