Buy Me Lunch For Your Own Protection

Funny meme about how you will argue with anyone about anything when you're hungry.
Via davie_dave

Better Than Finding Him in a Pile on the Floor

funny memes drunk held up by hanger

Things to Do When You're Tired of Partying

Party nothing hanger - 7144975360
By xyzpdq1

For Such a Large Closet, Those Are Quite Plane Clothes

double meaning hanger homophone similar sounding - 6481752576
By TuckerBentley

But You Hung Me Out to Dry...

clothes hang hanger hanging idiom literalism - 6241160704
By xyzpdq1

The Best Way to Air-Dry Your Laundry

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By oreoz314


Command hang hanger literalism lolwut misinterpretation request tumblr wish - 4802149376
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