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Viral Tweet Categorizes Men of Hollywood as Eagle Handsome, Bear Handsome, Dog Handsome or Reptilian Handsome

It's been a very, very long time since I gushed over any men in cinema, with a few exceptions. There's something about Chris Pine that just gets me going, and I'd do just about anything for Oscar Isaac or Diego Luna. But do I really analyze their appearances beyond looking good? Hell no. The people of Twitter cannot relate to this ambivalence. The bird app is a haven for “stans,” and while much of the manic, obsessive energy is dedicated to K-Pop stars, no celebrity is safe from the ever-postin…
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It's Tragic

Caption that reads, "Me in the photos I upload vs. me in photos I'm tagged in" above a pic of Rihanna looking attractive next to a terrible photo of her
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Oh, Hello

funny meme about being handsome.
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Stud Alert

Funny meme about when you get called handsome by someone who isn't family.
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I Inherited Nothing!

handsome high school dad funny yearbook - 8435882240
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How Handsome!

face abercrombie & fitch handsome funny - 8435292416
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Prince Douche

disney prince handsome funny - 8281107712
Created by Unknown

What a Pretty Kitty

Cats handsome funny - 8248723968
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Now That's a Handsome Young Man

kid mullet handsome ladies funny - 7757168640
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But Indiana Jones Is Way More Handsome

Indiana Jones handsome hangover - 3163318272

That "Half Smile"

handsome Movie the dark knight - 6681962752
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Superheroes: Take My Heart While You're At It

good guy handsome loki superheroes Super-Lols - 6291591168
Created by Jackalgirl

So Handsome

handsome - 6276277248
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It Suits You

gay handsome Pie Chart - 6188447744
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So. Handsome.

handsome Memes photogenic guy squidward - 6094621440
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Give My Compliments to the Chef

compliments food handsome restaurant - 5745344512
Created by deadmeat1492
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