Beary Nice to Meet You

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Dutch Handshakes Are Legendary

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Put 'Er There!

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You Tried Your Best

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We Have a New Candidate for the Most Awkward Handshake of All Time

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Hey, Nice... Err... Nice... Ffff... Yeah, Wait... There We Go!

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Just Remember What You Are Shaking On

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Time For an Awkward Handshake

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Best Handshake Ever

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By Iron-man01

Let's Business This Business to the Top!

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She's Got a Solid Handshake

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By TSGIGOR (Via Youtube)

Plurrzed Turr Murrt Ya, Surr!

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By Smapalicious

Winking: For Only the Subtlest Transactions

Dmitry Medvedev handshakes obvious russia wink - 4294221568
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Borkt Nuze: After BP threatened a new deep oil rig

bp China handshakes iraq oil tony hayward - 3685912320
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