Mega Dugtrio in Gen 7

hands diglett wednesday web comics - 8424198656
Created by Archa ( Via thecomicfome )

You're Mine Now, Tiny Man

mindwarp gifs hands - 8403933440
Created by heeroyuymia

Who Did It Better, Xena or Bishop?

yikes Xena knives gifs hands - 8395192576
Created by tamaleknight

The Robber Has Cool Shoes

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Via Bing

When Parallel Universes Collide...

wtf gifs hands water bottles - 8334415360
Created by ToolBee

Arthritis Sets In...

wtf fallout hands - 8341701632
Via gamefanatics

How I Met Your Father

Awkward hands gifs escalators the best - 8306659328

Raccoon Washing Its Hands

critters hands gifs washing raccoons water - 8306661120

Parrot Meets The Claw

parrots gifs critters hands - 8281488640
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Recluse or Widow, What Do You Prefer?

spiders yikes gifs nope critters hands - 8269846016
Created by anselmbe

Playing With Kitty

Cats hands gifs kitties - 8248872192

He Should Close His Hand More

wtf no no tubes hands funny - 8093281280

Everyone Has Handguns

fake guns hands funny - 8081951232

Just Needed to Wash His Hands

chameleon hands funny washing - 8067728128
Created by MoDude117

Now That's Confidence

sports awesome hands running funny - 8068636928


hands photobomb - 7960136704
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