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There's No End In Sight

Funny tweet about sanitizing everything during the coronavirus quarantine | just clorox wiped a bottle of purell and purelled my hands cuz i touched the clorox bottle
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Funny pictures of celebrities next to hand sanitizer bottles that look like them | thick taron is my religion @xtarontula Elton John as hand sanitizer thread stay safe DISNEY ESKULIN KIDS Hand Sanitizer Blue Donald Duck

Thirteen Pics Of Celebrities Resembling Hand Sanitizer Bottles

The resemblance is uncanny.
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They're Out There

funny meme abouthand sanitizer and germs using a photo of the green goblin and spider-man.
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I've Seen Her Somewhere Before

stock photo textbook hand sanitizer - 8746826240
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xkcd: Always Relevant

washing hands Purell hand sanitizer xkcd - 7795627008
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It's Only a Flesh Wound

burning hand sanitizer Rage Comics wound - 5113482240
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Would Anyone at Your Office Fall for This?

monday thru friday hand sanitizer fire alarm prank g rated - 8440262912
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xkcd: Always Relevant

hand sanitizer washing hands Purell xkcd - 8343516416


trollface hand sanitizer - 8085100544
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It's Not Drying!

hand sanitizer lube Purell - 7938203392
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It's So Bad, It's Good

school sweet jesus hand sanitizer art class truancy story - 7166070016
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Slippery Situation

trolling hand sanitizer u mad bro - 7571766784
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It Burns!

scratch hand sanitizer cut funny - 7447229952
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washing hands soap hand sanitizer - 7141534720
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Zeno's Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer philosoraptor - 5788940544
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Kills 99% of Nerves

99 clean hand sanitizer Pie Chart - 4308707072
Created by nikkiloveshbk
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