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A Cluster of Compelling Memes

Twitter is one of the most fascinating websites on the internet. As those wiser than I have already pointed out, it is the only social media platform where nobody can escape from being roasted, humiliated, or metaphorically tarred and feathered by the masses. Explaining the day-to-day shenanigans of Twitter to someone who has never regularly used it might feel like you're speaking in indistinguishable gibber jabber. The discourse upon discourse can sometimes be too much for people, and I don't…
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TikTokers are Convinced that all Pet Hamster Die in Unnecessarily Traumatizing and Upsettingly Hilarious Ways

TikTokers are Convinced that all Pet Hamsters Die in Unnecessarily Traumatizing and Upsettingly Hilarious Ways

These are their stories. (One hamster burned down an entire building…)
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Does Anyone Know The Answer To This

Picture of a creepy-looking cat with the caption, "What's the most random thing you thinking of right now? Where TF do hamsters live outside of pet stores?"
Via TheGenericHeroine

Looks Suspicious...

Someone Googles "how to tell if your pets are starting a cult"
Via TeoY7

Hamster Loses Control Of Their Snacking

gifs critters hamsters snacks fall - 8563420672
Created by Unknown


hamsters pets wtf NSFW - 4085320448
Created by Unknown

Hamster Eating in a Hammock

gifs critters hamsters hammocks - 8555208960
Created by Unknown

So That's Where That Went

wtf gifs eyes critters hamsters - 8554664960
Created by anselmbe

A Playground For Hamsters

gifs critters hamsters slides - 8503386624
Created by Unknown

Alright Billy, I Just Realized Salad is For Losers

gifs critters hamsters salads - 8506957312
Created by Unknown

Hamster Steals Some Treats

gifs critters hamsters cookies - 8507465216
Created by Unknown

Hamster Godzilla

gifs godzilla critters hamsters - 8504419840
Created by Unknown

Yawning Hamsters

yawning gifs critters hamsters - 8477842176
Created by Unknown

Another Night In The Hamster House

gifs critters hamsters houses - 8421762304
Created by Unknown

Hamster Needs Rubs Before Bedtime

gifs critters cute hamsters beds - 8420113408
Created by Unknown

X Ray View of a Hamster Eating

gifs x rays critters hamsters - 8428237056
Created by Unknown
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