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The Best Animal Memes of the Week (May 6, 2023)

The worst thing about animals is that they can't talk . I know there have been a couple of scientifically studied gorillas and dogs on TikTok who can say words, but that's not the same thing as talking. Humans are the only species that can speak in a grammatically coherent way, and that's a damn shame. I've had several dogs I wish I could talk to because they probably have crazy life stories. My first dog, Toby, had an extremely traumatic life before we got him. When the dog rescue found him, h…
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Grinchy Relatable Memes for People Who Are Absolutely NOT Ready for the Holiday Season

Grinchy Relatable Memes for People Who Are Absolutely NOT Ready for the Holiday Season

Halloween was 9 minutes ago, can everyone just chill?! I'm looking at you, Walmart
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Cute Twitter story about a dad who babysits his daughter's hamster and loses him

Dad Loses His Daughter's Hamster, Unexpected Wholesomeness Ensues

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It Me

Funny meme about arguments.
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27 Random Memes That'll Suck The Boredom Right Out Of Your Soul

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The Best Thoughts Always Come While In The Shower

Text that reads, "Me during an argument" above a pic of Scared Hamster next to text that reads, "Me thinking about the argument in the shower" above a still of a buff cartoon hamster running on a hamster wheel
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scared hamster meme as a monet painting

'Scared Hamster' Is The Internet's Newest Cute Meme Craze

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hamster - 8991045376
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This Hamster Was Born to Snapchat

hamster snapchat filter This Hamster Was Born to Snapchat
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Release Me From This Mortal Coil

typing hamster - 8757779200
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Their Desk Lunches Are Better Than Mine

gifs critters lunch hamster hedgehogs - 8486838016

All Pets Are the Same

pets pee hamster - 8374515200

What a Friendly Hamster

critters hi gifs hamster wave - 8169456384

Hamster House Maze

house hamster maze funny - 7764207104

Quiet as a Mouse, Eh?

hamster sleeping mouse - 6588146176

Good Guy Hamster

freddie mercury hamster Good Guy Greg - 6907299840
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