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Cringey Haircuts That Should've Never Seen The Light of Day

Everybody has had a bad haircut at some point in their lives. My worst hair moment was when I stuck gum behind my ear because I wanted to emulate my idol, Violet Beauregarde, from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory . Naturally, the gum got stuck in my hair, and I didn't tell anybody. Why would I? If my mom or grandma found out I got gum stuck in my hair, they'd be super bummed out. I took matters into my own hands and decided to cut out the gum myself. I'm 98% sure that my grandma noticed wh…
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Dude Uses AI to Give Every United States President a Mullet

The mullet is a polarizing hairdo. While it once represented a simpler, kinda trashier time here in the United States (Think Joe Dirt), the mullet's demographic has definitely shifted. The “business in the front, party in the back” look has become a favorite of both millennials and zoomers,
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People on Twitter debate whether Eugene cut Rapunzel's hair too short in Tangled

People Debate Whether Eugene Cut Rapunzel's Hair Too Short in Tangled

The Twitter discourse that never dies
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Fiery Redhead Memes for the World's Most Misunderstood Hair Color

They do have souls
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Proudly Bald Memes for Those With Follicular Challenges

Smooth heads unite
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Snippy Hairstylist Memes That Take More Than a Little Off the Top

Just a trim
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Nightmare Haircuts That Bring Shame on Follicle-Havers Everywhere

They're not a look
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Twitter thread about the kids mullet champinship

Child Mullet Competition Contestants Spark Fanfare On Twitter

The mullet has had a cultural moment in the past few years. Once derided as the ugliest haircut in the world, mullets have been the signature haircut for hipsters. As a wise meme once said of the mullet, “If this haircut shows up in your neighborhood your rent is going up.” The association for mullets has swiftly shifted from country bumpkins to entitled zillennial garbage people, but that doesn't mean that zillennial garbage people are better at mullets than the bible/bullet belt.
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Mom Allows Son "Mr. Burns" Haircut, Delights the Internet

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Woman Naps With Guinea Pig, Things Take A Turn For The Worse

She got bored
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20+ People Whose Hairdressers Should Be Fired

No-one wielding scissors should be given this much power.
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Barber Shares Humorous, Glowing Review Of His Afro Shaping Skills

"I gotcha G".
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Man Discovers Amusing Hair Stylist Photo, Everyone Is Convinced It’s Melissa McCarthy

Hair stylists and barbers are no stranger to advertising their results. When you’re entrusting a stranger with something as important as your hair, you want to know that they’re going to do the best job possible. While your main concern might be whether you’re likely to leave the salon crying or not, closer examination can sometimes reveal some unexpected Easter eggs. This was the case for @lvteef , who ran into an entertaining entry in a salon’s online photo gallery while looking for a place t…
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Today In Probable Health Code Violations: Woman Brings Heat Styling Brush To Restaurant, Is Filmed Using It On Her Hair

No bad hair days here.
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20 People With Impressively Cursed Hairstyles

What were their hairdressers going for?
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Funny meme about how when female characters cut their hair with a knife they somehow do it perfectly
Via u/water_bear_7
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