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30+ Funny & Frustrating Spousal Behaviors

In sickness and in health, huh?
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Humorous Thread Contemplates The Awkwardness Of Settling Into A New Job

It's a minefield.
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Oh Sorry

Funny meme featuring Homer Simpson that reads, "Resisting the urge to say sorry after someone says 'stop saying sorry'"
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Funny comics from Nathan Pyle.

This Brilliant Comic Reminds Us Of How Weird Our Human Habits Are

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weird confessions

21 Weird Confessions That'll Make You Feel Slightly Better About Your Own Bizarre Habits

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Hopefully We're Not The Only Ones Who Do This...

Caption that reads, "Me: *Walks past nice bush;* Brain: Take some leaves; Me: Why? Brain: You gotta" above a pic of some bushes
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United We Bounce

Funny meme about leg bounce, anxiety, adhd.
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Girls Can't Even Listen to Music and Suck on Some Candy in Peace

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Ghost Habits Die Hard

family ghosts habits Memes mystery toothbrush - 5908563712
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