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Petty Gripes From Frustrated Husbands and Wives

It has begun. Wedding season. At its most corny, marriage is a beautiful union that brings together two individuals to share their lives, love, and - much to the couple's chagrin - a truckload of complaints. Forget those dramatic, soap-opera-worthy clashes. Today we're talking about the daily, mundane skirmishes that leave husbands and wives shaking their heads, rolling their eyes, and perhaps nagging their partners. From stacking plates in illogical ways to massacring baked goods or pizzas, th…
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'I Can't Relate': Crisp Gen Z Customs That Make No Sense to Millennials

'I Can't Relate': Crisp Gen Z Customs That Make No Sense to Millennials

Generational gaps are frankly hilarious because as the years go on, and the older we millennials get, we begin to understand our elder's frustration with us. How does this come about? Well, it begins with a seemingly normal day; you're on your way to work, and stop to get your morning coffee at your local cafe, when suddenly your ears begin ringing. Thinking to yourself in caps letters, you turn your head to glare at whatever is making that noise. The person making the noise is quite a vision.…
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30+ Funny & Frustrating Spousal Behaviors

In sickness and in health, huh?
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Humorous Thread Contemplates The Awkwardness Of Settling Into A New Job

It's a minefield.
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Oh Sorry

Funny meme featuring Homer Simpson that reads, "Resisting the urge to say sorry after someone says 'stop saying sorry'"
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Funny comics from Nathan Pyle.

This Brilliant Comic Reminds Us Of How Weird Our Human Habits Are

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weird confessions

21 Weird Confessions That'll Make You Feel Slightly Better About Your Own Bizarre Habits

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Hopefully We're Not The Only Ones Who Do This...

Caption that reads, "Me: *Walks past nice bush;* Brain: Take some leaves; Me: Why? Brain: You gotta" above a pic of some bushes
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United We Bounce

Funny meme about leg bounce, anxiety, adhd.
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Girls Can't Even Listen to Music and Suck on Some Candy in Peace

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Ghost Habits Die Hard

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