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Funny meme about how when nobody chooses you in gym class or phys ed the teacher offers to be your partner and you end up doing well, pedro pascal, game of thrones
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Can Someone Get Rid Of That Kid Please

Funny meme about the one kid in gym class who likes to show off their athletic skills
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Funny meme about gym teachers being fat, out of shape gym teachers.

Gym Teacher Memes Roast The Hypocritical Nature Of PE Instructors

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Funny meme about how ellen and her brother both look like PE teachers.
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Caption that reads, "Teacher: has everyone got a partner? Me: oof'' above a pic of a single fish staring down a group of fish in a fish tank
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So True

funny meme about gym teachers.
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Gym Class

gym class goal soccer - 8585675520
By Spectacles_56

Da Da Da Daaaa...

gym class Indiana Jones Okay - 7883519232
By Unknown

Isn't It Obvious??

gym class school captain obvious you dont say truancy story - 7881160960
By DaxsDeathBlaze

The Football Was Slippery!

gym class school football - 5908135680
By ZachAttax64

I'm Thirsty, Get Over It!

gym class drinking fountain thirsty - 7074272256
By Unknown

That Means It's a Race, Right?

Pie Chart running jogging gym class school race - 6651779072
By BobPowes

It's All About Motivation

gym class Paranoid Parrot Pie Chart running - 6349922304
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gym class venn diagram - 6069952768
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Gym Class Heroine

bewbees gym class mother of god Rage Comics - 6001910528
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Rage Comics: Worth Every Sweat Stain

class dodgeball gym gym class Rage Comics - 5531003904