You better point that gun someplace else. Ahhhh you're just happy to see me no worries. This "pinnacle" of human achievement has defined the modern world ever since it's inception, so if you like you're firearms, lock and load and get ready to have a blast.

A compilation of memes about hunting and fishing

Hunting And Fishing Memes For Country Kids

Country boy, I love you! Let's be real here… hunting and fishing are pretty fun activities. I have yet to go hunting, but I was known to brandish a fishing pole when I was a kid. My grandpa's buddy had a lake in his backyard and I had a blast reeling in fish. Ever since I became a city boy, I've been dying to do it again. Hunting and fishing aren't those activities like ice skating or rock climbing that can be done in urban areas indoors as well as in the wilderness. You really have to get dirt…
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Bethesda Pls

fallout 4 gun that sounds naughty - 8601916672
Created by Rademan

Does it Shoot?

guitar rifle gun - 3365711872
See all captions Created by IceFirex123


awesome grandma gun Pure Awesome - 5072240896
Created by snugglesthetiger


gangsta gun nothing - 4136641792
See all captions Created by tmdarby


gun priest russian wtf - 4545009152

The Greatest Winter Invention

wtf snowball gun - 3151988992
Created by cloudstirfe6666666667

Put the Gun Down!

scary gun cowboy funny - 8447559936
Created by Unknown


headshot bad idea gun idiots funny - 8287874048
Created by Unknown

How Discreet

wtf gun funny fairy - 7933177600
Created by Unknown

Still Don't Like Those Odds

russian roulette gun funny - 7847509504
Created by mrmrr


wtf gun violin funny - 7765440512
Created by Unknown

House, M.D.

house hugh laurie gun funny - 7763589120
Created by anselmbe

Not Designed for Lefties

gun shooting - 7763262208
Created by anselmbe

Looks Good to Me

wtf knife gun funny - 7673052160
Created by Unknown

Who Gave Dog a Gun?!

wtf beware gun dogs funny - 7569257728
Created by Unknown
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