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dank edgy memes | woman drinking coffee wonder if he's thinking about Guinness World Records are just odd flexes. Elon Musk do say again? Tomato or Tomato? Donald J. Trump Replying elonmusk Gif

16 Dank Memes That'll Inject Your Day With A Little Edge

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Funny meme about odd flexes.
Via hetulbhatt
guinness world records The Mountain Video - 77538049

Watch The Mountain Set the World Record for Fastest Time Carrying Two Fridges Twenty Meters

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Whatever, I'll Start My Own Book of World Records!

guinness world records g rated win - 7876017664
By Unknown

Some People Will Do Anything to Get Into the Guinness World Record Book

guinness world records dogs yahoo answers world record - 5140470784
By Jordan_G

Well, if You Insist...

terrorism guinness world records - 6753181184
By The_Waiting