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Twitter Users Compare Their High School Selves To Their Current Selves And It's Relatable As Hell

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tips to act like an adult

15 Snarky-Ass Tips To Make You Look Like A Halfway-Sophisticated Adult

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Twee that reads, "One of the weirder things about being an adult is having a favorite stovetop, yet nobody talks about it"
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The 'How Hard Did Aging Hit You' Challenge Is Taking The Internet By Storm

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This Is Bonding, Right?

Funny meme about spider-man fixing dad's car and cursing, holding flashlight.
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14 Relatable Tweets From 'Big Kid Problems' For The Adults Just Trying To Make It Through

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Good Luck With That

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It's Gonna Get Wild

Text that reads, "I wanna get WASTED; Wake up early, Anticipate a productive day, Stay hydrated, Take a multivitamin, Exercise, Don't stay up too late"
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He's Back And More Sophisticated Than Ever

Comic about someone losing a tooth named Billy; the other teeth are sad but then Billy grows back as William"
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17 Relatable Adulting Memes And Tweets For Everyone Who's Trying Their Best

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Nacho Business

Tweet that reads, "My 13-year-old son told me that when he hits 99 pounds, he wants to eat one pound of nachos on his own so he can be one percent nacho"
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This Seems Like A Scam!

Tweet about the 'good' parts of being an adult, including eating chips whenever you want, no bed time, and being sad and tired all the time
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They Grow Up So Fast!

"When you're a fuck boy but then you grow up," with a photo of the driver's license of someone named 'Fuk Man'
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Too Real

Funny meme about growing up.
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People on Reddit sharing their parents craziest and weirdest rules.

15 People Share Their Parents' Weirdest & Most Annoying Rules

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Collection of funny web comics about becoming an adult.

15 Comics For People Who Are Learning to "Adult"

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