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Lazy student refuses to participate in group project, cries to teacher when he gets an F: '[He] tried to blame us for him not participating'

You snooze, you lose
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Funny dank memes about people who did all the work during group projects in school | Ashley Narine die want people did group projects with lower into ground so they can let down one last time. | get C+ on group project best friend girl randomly selected into group

Group Project Memes For the Students Who Did All the Work

We definitely don't miss this from our school days.
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34 Goofy Tweets & Memes That'll Make You A Little Less Miserable

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Group Projects Are The Best

Funny meme about group projects.
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Funny spider-man meme about group projects.
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Too Real

funny meme about group projects.
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Hunter Is Getting His Ducks In A Row

Hunter sends a group text that says, "Hey guys, I have to go to jail tomorrow until Sunday, can we talk about the assignment on Sunday today?"
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Funny tweet about ancient rome, julius caesar, group projects.
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Lazy Bastards


What I Learn From School Projects

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The Worst Projects

school group projects grades Pie Chart - 6743623168

Great, I Have to Do All the Work... Again

best of week group projects school - 6309459968

People Are the Worst

group projects people Pie Chart school work - 4817470464
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group projects Pie Chart teamwork - 4002605824