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Movie Theater Worker Shows Mess Left Behind At "Spider-Man" Screenings

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Funny and weird pics of strange Pop Tart flavors | shrek flavored pop tarts Baked with Real Fruit Frosted Swamp 12 TOASTER PASTRIES

Forty-Six Horrifying Pop Tart Flavors That Are Fake, Thank God

Why do these exist? We have no idea!
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Foul Thread Reveals A Crime Against Workplace Refrigerators Everywhere

Not nice
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Crude & Rude Memes For Lovers of Crass Humor

Brace yourselves.
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Cursed and cringey fake food products, pop tarts, ham, chips, hot pockets

Cursed & Cringey Food Parodies That Thankfully Aren't Real

Mmm mm good.
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15+ Unsettling Instances Of Beans Where They Shouldn’t Be

Mmm… squishy
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Guy Baffles Viewers With Wacky Cooking Video

It's modern art
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22 Cursed Thanksgiving Images

The antithesis of food porn
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Wedding catastrophe stories from AskReddit.

Scarred Souls Share Their Wildest Wedding Catastrophes

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Mildly Cursed Things for People Who Like to Feel Slightly Uncomfortable

Thanks, I hate it.
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Starbucks Barista Reveals The Most Disgusting Order They Ever Had To Make

Spare a thought for all the Starbucks baristas out there, because they have been working overtime at the moment. An explosion in popularity among Gen Z has led to a deluge of complex custom orders every day, sometimes leading to long queues barely after their stores have opened. Not only do they have to make up all sorts of bizarre concoctions nowadays, but sometimes they can be distinctly unappetizing too. When @kenmixtape received a certain order at the branch that he works at in Georgia, he …
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funny memes, cringeworthy, cringey images, cursed images, yikes | Mar 21 at 1:31 PM O Now look at had do Mac Cheese! Couldn't find any regular milk nowhere beyond pissed! Rey ORI SELL t 03/26/20 rs LIMITED EDITION TruMou gh fructose prup NO GMO Naturally Ravored 130 Mint Vanilla Lowfat M CALL CALINES @natespade | G FUEL® Gaming HOME! GFUEL @GFUELesports CAMINO Tag someone know who plays with controller like this 15:00 24 Aug 20 Sprout Social 25 Retweets 50 Quote Tweets 366 Likes 27

Painfully Cursed Images We Can't Unsee

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Cringey pics and social media posts, joker, weirdos,  yikes, cringeworthy | This conversation is related DoorDash order. left food on porch bro thanks man ill tip app Delivered sweet *starts dry humping LO | Carlene modeling seductively with grandpa's grave Like Comment Share 4 hours ago

21 Cringey Pics We Can't Unsee

Make it stop.
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Movie Theater Worker Reveals Outrageous Reality Of What Staff See During Screenings

It ain't pretty
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Bad Houses That Made Us Very, Very Mad

Blights, all of them.
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Woman Discovers Bead That Was Stuck in Her Nose for 20 Years

Literally lived in her head rent free
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