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U.S. Citizens Fascinated By American Section At Irish Grocery Store

America = processed sugar
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Karen Throws Tantrum After Publix Cashier Doesn't Hold Her Place in Line

'I have to stay in line all over again?'
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Funny twitter thread about working at a grocery store during the holidays, entitlement, funny, funny tweets | dylan morrison @dylan_thyme two years part team handled holiday orders at fancy~ grocery store where worked; last year ran encourage STAY HOME this season, here are some stories about some wild shit holidays seem drive people do! some these orders were raw meats turkeys, rib roasts, etc but most them were prepared meals, or raw meat and prepared sides save people having cook themselves

Twitter Thread Details the Insanity of Working at a Grocery Store During the Holidays

We really should all just stay home.
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Twitter users debunk conspiracy theorist tiktok from target saying theres a scam and there's no food

Retail Workers Debunk TikToker's Grocery Store Conspiracy Theory

It's true that supply chain issues in the United States have been causing anxiety - and inflation is leaving people wondering if they can afford milk or gas. But some conspiratorial individuals are using this opportunity to fear monger or simply to receive attention on social media networks such a TikTok . @thepropheticwarrior #fakenews #preptok #beprepared #thegreatreset #bepreparednotscared #tribulation #panick #survival #rationing #emptyshelves #thetruth ♬ Halloween, horror, spooky cinematic…
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Grocery Store Customer Grossed Out By Bakery Rat Infestation

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Man Wins Everyone’s Hearts After Singing In The Grocery Store

Better than Walmart yodelling kid.
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The Struggle Is Real

Funny meme that reads, "You've never been broke if you haven't had to do this" above a stock photo of a guy trying to buy something with his credit card and change
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Funny video sketch about a guy shopping at Whole Foods

Parody Sketch About People Who Shop At Whole Foods Is Pretty Spot On

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Funny tweet that reads, "Little secret about me: my answer to the question 'would you like a receipt' is based on absolutely nothing and changes all the time"
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C'mon MOM

Funny meme that reads, "When you go to the store with your mom and she sees someone she knows and starts talking to them" above a photo of a guy sleeping in a department store
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Tell Us

Funny meme featuring Frodo Baggins aboout grocery shopping in covid-19 times | When someone in the house returns from the grocery shop
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She's Counting On Me

Funny memes about lord of the rings, relatable memes, supermarket, grocery store, gandalf
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Probably Makes You Feel Real Important

Funny meme about a grocery store cashier knowing the code for bread while another cashier looks on
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Funny Tumblr post about someone who keeps trying to purchase the grocery store dividers at the checkout
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Straight Ouch

Caption that reads, "Me to my crush: I think I have feelings for you; My crush: ..." above a pic of a shopping center sign that says "Big K"
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It's The *Only* Thing To Do

Pic of a guy lying on the ground next to a broken bottle of red wine with caption that reads, "This is what you must do if you accidentally drop a bottle of red wine"
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