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Dude Spends $100 on Paltry Amount of Groceries, Gets Roasted For Buying Pre-Cut Fruit and Name Brand Cereal

Grocery shopping is not easy these days. Inflation is high, and the prices just aren't what they were two or three years ago. You have to be so strategic to get more bang for your buck, and even when you're careful, you still end up spending a fortune. My local grocery store has it's perks. I can get a box of pasta for $1.99, which is nice. However, there is only one brand of pasta sauce that isn't $11 dollars a pop! I am so loyal to that $4.99 pasta sauce, it's like I'm married to it. Buying s…
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Douchey Retail Manager Accuses Worker Covering Shift of Trespassing at 5 AM, Gets Hit With Malicious Compliance

He was insistent
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People Ponder Behavior That Will Make Them Immediately Judge a Stranger

There are a lot of actions that people commit within our society that defy unspoken common etiquette. Well, not even unspoken, sometimes people just refuse to abide by established etiquette . I'm no saint, but I try to be as respectful and decent to the individuals around me as possible. You definitely have a few specific pet peeves. Myself? Well, I'm not a fan of littering, you should always clean up after your pet and understand the common convenience rules for operating within a grocery stor…
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Boss Threatens to Fire Employee for Posting Hourly Wage, Employee Immediately Quits

Trying to obtain the bare minimum required to live is a near-impossible task when you're below the line of poverty. Unfortunately, there are way, way too many jobs that are happy and more than willing to pay you next to nothing . As is the case with many of these sorts of positions, these jobs are menial, mind-numbingly boring, and managed by cruel individuals. The subject of today's story was a worker at a grocery store deli, earning only 12.5 dollars per painstaking hour. As most of us would…
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'I wish our founding fathers could see the progress we’ve made': TikToker Filming Dance in Costco Splits Opinion on Twitter

She has moves
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Twitter discourse about instacart drivers and ableism

Woman Annoyed At Instacart Driver Replacing Items Shows up at the Store to Confront Him

Is it ethical to use food delivery services for your groceries ? This question has been bobbing around Twitter since the beginning of the pandemic when the number of people paying others to get their groceries increased immensely. This new reality where we weren't supposed to go outside brought up some quagmires that are worth contemplating. Is hiring somebody to pick up groceries more ethically dubious than hiring somebody to pick up your takeout? Who benefits the most from food delivery and i…
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Dude Shocks Europeans With Amount of Junk Food in US Grocery Store

Sugar on sugar
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New Yorker Gets Clowned For Acting Like Nobody Else Knows What Bodegas Are

Other cities have stores too
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Creepy Dude Gets Slammed for Complaining About Teenager Rejecting Him

So gross
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Reddit thread about a Dastardly Boss Banning Cashiers From Drinking Water On The Job

Dastardly Boss Bans Cashiers From Drinking Water On The Job

I never felt less like a human being than when I worked a customer service job . Something about always having to be productive, getting harassed by customers, and not being allowed to sit and catch a break really tears you down. Your needs are not being prioritized at all, and as a result, you're physically and mentally exhausted by the end of your shift. In situations like these, a manager can make or break your experience. At my old job, I was lucky enough to have managers that would stick u…
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Funny twitter thread about working at a grocery store during the holidays, entitlement, funny, funny tweets | dylan morrison @dylan_thyme two years part team handled holiday orders at fancy~ grocery store where worked; last year ran encourage STAY HOME this season, here are some stories about some wild shit holidays seem drive people do! some these orders were raw meats turkeys, rib roasts, etc but most them were prepared meals, or raw meat and prepared sides save people having cook themselves

Twitter Thread Describes the Insanity of Working at a Grocery Store During the Holidays

We really should all just stay home.
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TikToker Satirizes East Asian Aesthetic Vlogs with "Floridacore" Store Visit

Kawaii <3
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A compilation of irritating pictures with something off about them.

Images That Could Enrage Or Slightly Annoy You

Every day of your life, you have experienced something that doesn't quite go your way. Whether it be the food you ordered getting messed up, someone cutting you off in traffic, or something as simple as seeing a piece of trash on the ground. For little slights like this, you have a choice of whether to get inconsolably angry or let it roll off like water off a duck's back. Depending on the circumstances, it's usually best you choose the latter option. If not, you might risk making a scene or be…
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Article about a guy who doesn't understand what a bodega is and insults New York.

Oblivious Dude Can't Find Grocery Stores In New York City

Update: Some of the material in this article has been deleted by the original posters. We've published some developments on the story since the original publication. Moving to a new and unfamiliar place can be overwhelming. While there's no rulebook for adapting, it's common knowledge that when you are new to an area, it's advisable to sit back, take time to understand the neighborhood you're living in, and probably don't call places unfamiliar to you disgusting sh*tholes. Unfortunately, not ev…
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Despairing Woman Gets Dunked On For Complaining About Male Instacart Shopper

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Instacart Shopper Calls Out Shifty Customers Who Falsely Report Missing Items

They see you
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