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I Mean, You're Okay Too

Caption that reads, "Welp, I found the best greeting card" above a pic of a card that says "I love you" in bold red letters, followed by "...r dog"
Via 235jman


"Sorry for your loss" card that says, "It's me, I leave in three weeks - Todd"
Via kray

The Real Greeting Card Grandma

greeting cards grandma parenting - 8969449216
Via almolina

So Basically Just Go for ANY Occasion!

dogs greeting cards - 8365320192

¡Hasta La Vista!

greeting cards cards - 8381441792

Hallmark is Hitting the Frozen Theme Pretty Hard

greeting cards hallmark frozen - 8434328064

Michael Cera Reincarnated as a Card

michael cera greeting cards - 8334375424

A Truly Heartfelt Card

cards birthday cards greeting cards - 7939951104
Created by Unknown

The Realest Graduation Card

college graduation greeting cards student loans - 8236831744

Insensitive Bastard

greeting cards wtf - 8167158784

Just a Ruff Estimate

dogs greeting cards - 8139510784

It is With Great Sorrow That I Say Congratulations

greeting cards hallmark funny - 7494716416
Created by Unknown

A V-Day Card for All the D-Bags Out There

greeting cards relationships dating Valentines day - 8016994048
Created by Unknown

Michael Cera Reincarnated as a Card

greeting cards michael cera - 7887125760
Created by Unknown