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A compilation of funny and random memes

Absurdist Memes For the Proud Goofballs

It shouldn't be controversial for me to say that we've been in an era of absurdist humor for some time now. I don't know where this taste for silly & goofy comedy originated, but Gen Z and Millennials can't get enough of it. I can tell that absurdist humor has swept the nation because of the Netflix show I Think You Should Leave . It is a sketch comedy show starring and created by former SNL writer Tim Robbinson, and it is just as wacky as you could imagine. Ask any Millennial or Gen Zer who th…
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A compilation of memes about Literature and Greek mythology

Literature Memes For Recovering Percy Jackson Kids

“What are you reading right now?” is one of the scariest questions an intellectual hot person can ask you. It's a question more loaded than a baked potato because there is a correct and incorrect answer to it.
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A compilation of funny memes about classics, greek mythology, ancient philosophers, roman emperors, and more

Classical Studies Memes For Former Percy Jackson Kids

I didn't ask to be a half-blood
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Hellenistic Memes for Ancient History Geeks

The socratic philosophers of ancient Greece weren't so different from us. If Diogenes were alive today, he'd probably be subtweeting Plato about his subpar interpretation of Socrates, and virtue signaling about his choice to live in poverty with stray dogs. Kanye and Kim's toxic relationship is just a contemporary version of Zeus and Hera. It's no wonder memes about classics and ancient history are popular—humans haven't really change that much. If you have a taste for history and humor, we've…
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Funny Mythology Memes That Expose the Gods' Toxic Behavior

The Disneyfication of Greek mythology in 1997 animation Hercules is pretty hilarious if you're familiar with the real (and very messed up) lore. In the movie, Zeus, Hera and Hercules are presented as one big wholesome family. The actual legend is full of adultery, violence, revenge, and terrible parenting. In the Disney movie, Hercules is the beloved child of Zeus and Hera. He is stripped of his immortality by Hades and forced to life as a mortal on earth. In the original myth, Hercules is not…
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Funny TikToks and Tweets debating what centaurs do with their human arms when they are galloping

The Internet Debates: WTF Do Centaurs Do With Their Human Arms While Galloping?

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Funny memes about ancient history | The Simpsons Ancient Greek mythology according modern TV shows | Undertaker and Randy Orton Hannibal descending Alps with bunch elephants Romans who didn't know elephants were

Eighteen Ancient History Memes For Antiquity Nerds

Educational memes are the best memes.
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Funny distracted boyfriend meme about man looking at medusa and turning to stone
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Funny greek mythology memes, dank memes | Is this a pigeon? LITERALLY ANY MAJOR GREEK ZEUS HERO IS THIS MY SON? | Day 14 Italy Dolphins are coming back* Day 264 Greece: minotaur

Greek Mythology Memes For Lovers Of Ancient Lore

Myths are freaky.
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Funny memes about Greek mythology | is this a pigeon meme about kronos the titan eating his children: his children Kronos is this lunch? kevin hart being held: gays Christian god Greek gods

Fifteen Amusing Greek Mythology Memes

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Funny memes about Greek mythology | tweet by tinyconfusion kylie minogue and keanu reeves look like hades and persephone would look like if they had get interviewed bank loan their kid's college tuition. drake and josh: Zeus control sky Hades control underworld Neptune: CONTROL SPEED AT WHICH LOBSTERS DIE.

Funny Greek Mythology Memes Fit For The Gods

If only Zeus could've kept it in his pants.
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Josh Speaks The Truth

Caption that reads, "Zeus: I control the sky; Hades: I control the underworld; Neptune: ..." above a pic of Josh from Drake and Josh saying, "I ... control the speed at which lobsters die"
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Me Dusa!

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