Funny tweets and jokes about Lewd Logo for women's network in australian prime minister's department

Phallic Logo for 'Women's Network' Goes Viral, Inspires Thread of Lewd Design

Ever see a logo that looks incredibly inappropriate and makes you wonder “Did they mean to do that?” These questionable designs come to mind. When the logo is for a chicken restaurant, or even a urologist, we can enjoy a light chuckle and move on with it. But when, say, a logo resembles a phallus, and is promoting a business or initiative that is specifically geared towards women, it's going to cause something of hilarious uproar.
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And We All Thought It Looked So Realistic

Funny meme that reads, "The crowd when you're playing any sports video game from the early 2000s" above a photo of a crowd in an arena made out of cardboard
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That Graphic Designer Humor...Never Ceases to Infuriate, Man

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2 Ballers One Tender Nipple 2017

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What a Long and Strange Trip It's Been

world of warcraft blizzard true graphics video games - 8803629824
By mattstaff

Needs More JPG.

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Morrowind Looks Like a Beautiful Spot to Visit This Summer

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Runescape Finally Received New Engine and Graphics Update, and Now I Might Have to Start Playing Again

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Sometimes It's Good to Look Back, to See How Far We've Come

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In a Nutshell

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Insert Witty Joke About How Halo Never Changes Here

halo 2001 to 2012
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Fallout Graphics Comparison

fallout 4 graphics - 8581352704
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Gamers These Days


Weirdly Good Advice

nerds girls graphics video games dating advice - 8161953536
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This Isn't Real Life: It's a Screenshot From Forza Motorsport 6

list graphics Skyrim - 596485

Toon Skyrim Looks Like a Whole Different Game

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