Funny text message thread from a woman showing her boyfriend some huge grapes | Ik homeworking but look at SIZE THESE GRAPES And 's not just one ITS ALL THEMM two dogs watching

Guy Wakes Up To Ridiculous Text Thread About Giant Grapes From His Girlfriend

She was clearly VERY excited about the grapes.
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Man I Felt So Cool In Church

Funny meme that reads, "No one: ... six-year-old me with a wine glass filled with grape juice: ..." above an illustration of a vampire-like guy holding a glass of wine
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Better With Age

Funny tweet that reads, "Last year v this year...glad we've matured" above pic of two girls dressed in grape costumes next to the same girls dressed in wine costumes"
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I Chimed In With A Haven't You People Ever Heard Of

Caption that reads, "Buzzfeed has reached its peak" above a Buzzfeed quiz that reads, "Your Panic! At the Disco preferences will reveal what kind of grape you are"
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Funny memes about surgery on a grape, surgery on a grape meme, they did surgery on a grape.

'The Did Surgery On A Grape' Is An Insanely Weird Meme Explosion

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He's Not Wrong

Funny meme about raisins being grape jerky
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Funny meme about when someone sees you eating grapes at the grocery store, finger over mouth to show it is a secret.
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Shhh It's Like a Sample

image memes shopping Shhh It's Like a Sample
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Meerkat Grape King of the Hill

gifs grapes Meerkats critters - 8564378624

More Grapes Please

lizards gifs grapes critters - 8558539520
By Unknown

Robot Repairs a Grape

mindwarp gifs grapes technology robots - 8491459840
By Unknown

This Beaver is Having a Grape Meal

cute beavers critters grapes gifs - 8437404672
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Sugar Glider Eats Grapes

gifs grapes critters sugar glider - 8421993216
By ani.s4 (Via Vine)

Grapes Are Magnetic

gifs grapes magnets - 8421678336
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This Tastes Grape

bunnies gifs grapes critters - 8291627776
By Unknown

Dog's Routine Before Eating a Grape

wtf gifs grapes - 8274961152
By Unknown
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