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This is What Happens When a Graffiti Artist Fails to Get Away With It

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Rise and Shine, Mr. Freeman...

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Yes, That is a Giant Dong Spraypainted on the Hood of a 1.5 Million Dollar Bugatti Veyron

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Via London Evening Standard

He's Got a Nice Place

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Created by Unknown

Way to Break the News!

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Well Played, Mike

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It's Like the Ending of 'Gangs of New York' Up in Here!

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Donkeys or Your Mom?

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Via stealthysteel

Wow, You Suck

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Pac-Man X-Ray Graffiti

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Via @theSHOK1

Way to Break the News!

relationships graffiti cheating dating breakups - 8246632448

Writer's Block

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Have You Heard?

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The Saddest Wall

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Created by Unknown

He Takes Pictures of the World

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Created by Unknown

"Hmmmmmm. Mmhmm? Mmmmm... Yes, Quite..."

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