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People Discuss Mysteries That Have Since Been Solved

Is it just me, or is the concept of an "unsolved mystery" redundant? A solved mystery is an oxymoron, which is precisely what we're going to get into. One of my favorite recently solved mysteries is the identity of the Zodiac killer. The fact that there was a guy walking around for years who looked so much like the sketches baffles me. My favorite part of this whole ordeal is that one of his friends posted a picture with him on Facebook with the caption “Zodiac?” and nobody even noticed. I know…
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Thanks, GPS

Funny meme with dogs about how the GPS interrupts the best part of the song.
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I Ain't No Liar

Text conversation where someone asks what the other person is doing, person replies that they're signing some paperwork; person 1 pulls up a GPS of person 2 appearing to be underwater off of a coast, and person 2 replies with a pic of them underwater and signing some paperwork
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Who Remembers This Struggle

Tweet about how people used to print out Mapquest directions before smartphones existed
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gps phones vine Video - 219399

When You Use GPS to Get Everywhere

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Getting Healthy and Uncovering Truths

gps ted cruz zodiac killer Getting Healthy and Uncovering Truths
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At Least When Kids Steal Your Street Sign You'll Know Where to Find It

funny street signs At Least When Kids Steal Your Street Sign You'll Know Where to Find It
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Damn Right It Is!

gps missiles - 8305440768

Long, Lonely Drive

forever alone gps driving - 8413029632

Global Procrastinating System

comics entertainment rage gps driving - 8350162176
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Maybe it's on a Boat?

memes gps wtf funny trucks - 8347407872
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Rude GPS

rage gps rude - 8109152000
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He is the Way

jesus god gps - 7997700352

Damn Right It Is!

gps missiles - 7933800448

Let the GPS Sort It Out!

gps directions - 7887656448

How to Get to Murica

gps freedom murica - 7845095424
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