Yeah, What The Hell Happened To Him?

Tweet that reads, "This dude just dropped one song and dipped" above a pic of Gotye; someone replies, "Now he's just somebody that we used to know"
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Sorry for Reminding You That Song Exists

funny memes gotye literally somebody we used to know

The Irony

somebody that i used to know gotye irony - 7910136576

Now You're Just Some Gotye Meme I Used to Know

shoop somebody that i used to know literalism gotye dough - 6891817728
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Hung Up on Somebody That You Used to Own

gotye London 2012 Memes olympics queen of england the queen - 6469672192

Gotye Ducreux

gotye Joseph Ducreux - 6431970304
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driving gotye radio Video - 39697153

Ugh, Can't We Just Cut This Gotye Off?!

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gotye mashup metal remix Video - 39319297

Somebody I Used to Shred

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In Cahoots! Cahooots!

call me maybe conspiracy keanu gotye homestuck Music - 6376554752
See all captions Created by frankie99

You Treat Me Like Advice Dog and It Feels So Ruff

gotye Memes somebody that i used to k somebody that i used to know - 6356263680
Created by finnthedog

Now and Then I Chant to Levitate a Feather

gotye Harry Potter hermione Memes - 6359140864

Vincent Van Gotye

cut ear gotye Hall of Fame literalism lyric off somebody that i used to k somebody that i used to know Vincent van Gogh - 6349975040
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gotye meme parody rage faces Video - 38761985

Some Face I Used to Rage

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Some Meme That He Used to Make

Good Guy Greg gotye meme - 6309967872
See all captions Created by outtaconTroll
Bad Lip Reading gotye money Video - 38567681

Some Monkey That I Used to Kick

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animals cat dogs gotye somebody that i used to k somebody that i used to know Video - 38430977

Some Dogte

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