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Memes For Normies Who Are Addicted to Being Normal

I don't know about you guys, but I'm literally addicted to being a normal person. Every day (and it does happen that often), I get described as a bonafide normie. It is music to my ears. I can't get enough of it! Being normal is so socially rewarded , and I'm always ready to receive that participation trophy. Most of us are in denial about being normal, and that's okay! We like to believe that when we fall on the bell curve, we fall all the way to the right, but that's not true. We are probably…
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goth band goes viral for sounding like Bob Belcher from 'Bob's Burgers'

‘Bob-Core’: Goth Rock Band Is Making Waves on the Internet for Sounding Like a Heavy Metal Bob Belcher From ‘Bob’s Burgers'

The band is called Dead On A Sunday and they're fully embracing their unintentionally invention of “Bob-Core” music.
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Goths in Un-Gothly Places: Turns Out These Dark-Hearted Souls Are Just Like Us

Goths in Un-Gothly Places: Turns Out These Dark-Hearted Souls Are Just Like Us

Blackout eye makeup and brunch.
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Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage Came Out As a Goth and Everyone Is Loving It

Surprise, surprise.
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A Gloomy Glut Of 25+ Goth Memes

Sunshine is overrated
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34 Dark Yet Relatable Memes That'll Satisfy Your Inner Goth

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So Unique

Funny meme about goth girls all looking the same.
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Definitely Got Me

Caption that reads, "I'm not dyslexic, you're dyslexic" above a little hospital sign that reads, "Cloth gowns only," but it looks like it reads, "Goth clowns only"
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Funny goth memes just in time for Halloween

17 Funny Goth Memes For All Your Morbid Needs

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Beach Goth Is In, Right?

Funny meme about death at the beach.
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Funny memes about Elon Musk and Grimes.

Elon Musk And Grimes Were The Most Meme-able Couple At The Met Gala

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Too Real

Funny meme about creepy girls.
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Funny memes about goth girlfriends.

15 Dank Memes In Praise Of Goth GFs

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Spencer's Gifts is Next

Funny image from punk site The Hard Times about mall goths sacking Sbarro's and expanding their Hot Topic empire.
Via The Hard Times

It's So Bright

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