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Loyal Memes That Won't Leave You For Somebody Else

Memes love you. Memes will never leave you randomly one night without warning, never to be seen again. The memes you have stored on your phone will be with you for as long as you want, and they won't leave unless you ask them to. If you politely and amicably split with your memes, they will be cordial and respectful. Memes won't leave your phone in the middle of the night, go into the city doing God knows what with God knows who, and sneak back into your phone at 6 AM and think you won't notice…
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A compilation of random memes.

Mildly Interesting Memes To Meditate On

Getting reccomened meditation by a friend or a therapist feels kind of weird. It's like they know just by looking at you that you refuse to shut off your brain for even one second of your waking hours. They sniff you and think, “now this is a person who will consume media at an alarming rate just so they don't have to hear the thought bouncing through their head.” I've never really successfully done meditation because I struggle with taking it seriously. I'm supposed to not ruminate on any thou…
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Cursed food photos, gross food, cursed images, disgusting nasty

20+ Revolting Food Pics Gordon Ramsay Would Balk At

He'd faint
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Convenience is key.
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Gordon Ramsay Starts Debate After Criticizing Chicken Nugget Parmigiana

As a wannabe chef, there is no greater shame than a roasting from the master himself. When it comes to culinary entertainment, Gordon Ramsay is a man of many talents. In recent years, attention has shifted from his infamous takedowns on Kitchen Nightmares to his ability to insult every cook brave enough to share their recipes on social media. While he initially gained notoriety by critiquing chefs who offered up pictures of their meals on Twitter , these days he is more focused on plumbing the …
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A Mega-Dose of Moderately Entertaining Memes

Doctor's orders.
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43 Memes With Magical Boredom-Reducing Powers

Simply incredible.
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Gordon Ramsay roasts cooking TikToks, funny, lol, fail

Gordon Ramsay Roasts Heinous Food Creations On TikTok

Oh, the humanity!
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It's RAW!

Funny memes, dank memes, lol, Gordon Ramsay, Jurassic World, It's Raw, youtube
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Funny and relatable memes, depression memes, anxiety memes. | Man Arrested Oregon Swinging Lightsaber At Cops, Deflects Tasers Florida Man Soon will have new apprentice. One far younger and more powerful. | have work money survive Life sucks.

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Memes > Real Life
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funny memes When I find myself in times of trouble Gordon Ramsay comes to me Speaking words of wisdom Get your shit together!
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Funny memes, gordon ramsay, good breaking news, dogs, dog memes, pit bulls | BREAKING NEWS This pitbull pulled out her teddy to show it to a dog of another car
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Funny random memes, dank memes, stupid memes, funny memes, web comics | If feel uncomfortable night, please understand is just skeleton's inherent need freedom. Soon. | my brain finally manages pump out some dopamine delicious Finally, some good fucking mood Chef Gordon Ramsay

69 Memes To Help You Indulge

Scroll away.
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Best One Yet

Funny meme that makes fun of PS5 using Gordon Ramsay idiot sandwich scene | What are you? PlayStation 5
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It's Not?

Funny meme about gordon ramsay
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Funny dank memes about the new sonic the hedgehog movie trailer.

Redditors Are Giving The New 'Sonic' Trailer The Dank Meme Treatment

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