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People Argue Over The Longest Possible Route You Could Walk Across Earth

Google Maps time
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viral tiktok account is rickrolling it's viewers

Viral TikToker Who Zooms-In On Places From Google Maps Is Rickrolling It's Viewers

Rickrolling has made its way to the 21st century app TikTok. This man will never go away. He is taking over TikTok, his last branch of taking over the entire Internet, and next he will take over the world.
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Google Search Mishap Uncovers Phenomenon Of People Accidentally Turning Their Homes Into Businesses

Five star reviews all round.
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Girl Mortified By Uncensored Photo On Google Street View

Since its inception, Google Street View has been an endless source of entertainment for the terminally bored. The world is a fascinating place, and you never know what you might find by dropping yourself on a random street somewhere . A select few can even find themselves on the app, although some are in a more compromising position than others. This was the case for Paris Barfoot , who shared a video revealing her own Big Tech paparazzi shot. The image is shot on the street where she lives and…
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20+ Amusing Google Maps Shenanigans For Wannabe Urban Explorers

Glitches galore
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20+ Strange Places With Unbearably Sad Names

Never thought I’d feel sorry for a hill, but here we are.
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People Call Time On Google Earth ‘Mystery’

Or, how everyone knows how to Google things.
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Funny meme about guy caught falling down the stairs in google maps
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Google Maps Has No Chill

google maps, memes, funny memes | Me: makes slight detour to get gas Google Maps: person freaking out in a car
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Just As I Suspected

Caption that reads, "Well...would you look at that" above a pic of a Google map with "Someone better than me" googled at the top, and a pop-up notification below that reads, "No results"
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And Then You'll Be Sorry

Funny meme about address that says 6969 cool street.
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I Hope Dinesh Knew How To Swim

Text message conversation that shows an Uber driver apparently driving in a body of water
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High School Prank With The Assist From Google Images For The Win

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Nothing to See Here

google maps map - 8759289856
By Unknown

Visit Google Maps Today for a Legend of Zelda Easter Egg

google maps legend of zelda easter egg link street view
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These Horrifying Photos Will Make You Wish You Hadn't Zoomed in on Google Maps

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