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Funny memes and tweets about Microsoft's announcement that it would be retiring their browser, Internet Explorer.

Netizens Mourn & Celebrate the Impending Death of Internet Explorer, the Web's Most Memeable Browser

Goodbye sweet prince.
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Every Frickin' Time

Funny meme about google chrome.
Via Broken-Door
Internet Explorer memes and jokes

15 Memes And Pics That'll Make You Feel For Internet Explorer

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Every Time

Funny meme about the internet.
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Wait, That's a Game?!

google chrome gamers - 8601444608
Via orangepaint

No More Tabs, Only Dreams Now

computers ram google chrome - 8460950016
Via CinnamonToesCrunch

Did You Know Google Chrome Lets You Procrastinate Even When Your Internet is Down?

the internets easter eggs google chrome google - 8425138944
Via painame

Good Luck

google chrome jigsaw internet explorer - 8243843584

A Simple Bit of Browser Advice

browsers Actual Advice Mallard google chrome mozilla firefox - 8233056000

How to Make Your Grandparents Use a Different Browser

google chrome internet explorer - 8165247744

No Thanks, Don't Need to Go Down to Your Level

gifs google chrome internet explorer - 8004436224

This is Amazing

browsers okay guy google chrome mozilla firefox - 6555130880

Parents and Computers Don't Mix

are you kidding me technology google chrome moms parents - 6726984960

Well Done, Guys

browser google chrome mozilla firefox making rage comics internet explorer - 7621293312
Created by hockeyfan0012

Deleting Browsing History

incognito I see what you did there google chrome - 7591849216
Created by Godzillaman

"Different." Riiight...

are you kidding me google chrome mozilla firefox sweet jesus - 7579828224
Created by blabla2k
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