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Redditors Come Together To Help Student Pay For His Mom's Medical Bills

We spend a lot of time covering cringey people who make us believe there's very little hope for the human race, but every now and then we see people who make us believe the opposite. Redditor u/MrElonMusk420shared some photos yesterday of his beloved grandfather's leatherman tool with the intention of selling it to help pay for his sick mother's medical costs.

The community quickly decided they weren't going to let the big-hearted student sell the family heirloom, and instead started flooding his PayPal account with donations. He received so many kind gifts that eventually he removed his PayPal from the thread. It's wholesome moments like this that make us happy that the internet exists, and that there really are some solid people using it.

Kind redditors from r/knifeswap donate money to student who is trying to pay for his mother's medical bills, paypal
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