Funny and dank lord of the rings memes | Dwarves Moria calmly mining their mithril Balrog: Bonjour bear | CAN SEE refuse Wear Mask. THERE ARE MARKINGS S SOME FORM SELFISH. Frodo reading the writing on the ring

Twenty-Six Dank & Dumb Lord Of The Rings Memes

Memes to rule them all.
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Tolkien Tuesdays, lord of the rings memes, dank memes, middle-earth, jrr tolkien, gandalf, gimli, aragorn, nazgul | WHITE HOUSE Trump says he thinks coronavirus will 'just disappear" despite rising cases Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday he "would not be surprised if go up 100,000" new cases per day can avoid being seen if wish, but disappear entirely– is rare gift | Samwise YEAH SIMP S- super into M- mashed P-potatoes

Tolkien Tuesdays: Fresh & Timeless LOTR Memes For The True Heads

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Funny memes about Lord of the rings, dank LOTR memes, lotr shitposting, gollum memes, frodo memes | Orcs vs elves People who shop at Walmart People who shop at TARGET | Wizards mid 20th century Wizards late 20th century Oh No wAtEr Is DirTy Am sO wEak now plS miStER Emo KILL Just killed semi- god and came back life thanks god

Fresh Lord Of The Rings Memes For The True Heads

Welcome to Tolkien Tuesdays.
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Funny lord of the rings memes, dank lord of the memes memes, funny memes, random memes, frodo baggins, boromir, faramir, gandalf, legolas | My parents front people: Kids really are amazing creatures My parents alone: Always cast poor reflection on Gollum I have done nothing wrong, ever my life parks.n.rec Frodo know this, and love .

Tolkien Tuesdays: 35 Dank Lord Of The Rings Memes

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Funny memes about Lord of the Rings, frodo baggins, smeagol, gollum, bilbo baggins, elijah wood, ian mckellen, gandalf | Smeagol peacefully fishing with his friend* GANDALFS.MEMES one fish about end this man's whole career | Boromir dies but Faramir survives This has been worst trade deal history trade deals, maybe ever

25 Lord of the Rings Memes To Horde Like Smaug

You could say they're precious.
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Funny Christmas tweets | tweet by BoogTweets Imagine finding lists with kids names and addresses some old guys house titled naughty and nice and not calling cops

24 Clever Christmas Tweets That'll Fill You With Holiday Cheer

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My Precious

Tweet that reads, "Man, just think how crazy Gollum goes on the fifth day of Christmas" over a still of Gollum in the Lord of the Rings
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Funny lord of the rings memes.

21 Mostly-Fresh Lord Of The Rings Memes

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Funny Lord of the rings memes.

40 LOTR Memes That'll Give You A Nerd Boner

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Funny Lord of the Rings memes in celebration of JRR Tolkien's birthday, meme

27 Dank LOTR Memes In Celebration Of J.R.R. Tolkien's Birthday

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My Precious

Funny meme about Gollum and onion rings.
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funny meme about picture of gollum in dentist's house.
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What The Hell Is With This Guy?

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My Precious...

crazy gollum Impending Doom Lord of the Rings Precious - 5184096256
Created by helenabeat

Where to Get Your Precious

Lord of the Rings Precious gollum funny - 8375966208

Good for Them

gollum Precious puns love web comics - 8226592768
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